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Friday, 10 June 2011

photo diary-into the cave-

I went to the day trip cruise tour to the caves when I was in algarve,start from Vilamoura marina.

On the way to the caves,you see so many beaches.

We were on the boat for 1 and half hour to get close to the caves, then we changed to the tiny boat,maybe 10-15 people at once.

While we were waiting

some people jumped into the sea.


the captain is also relaxed!!!

Finally it's my turn!!!

The sea was really green with the sunlight,it's so mysterious.

Outfit from Sarah Wayne paris. I wish I had brought my red ballet pumps from repetto,then could pritend if I were briditte bardot!!
Sarah Wayne のお洋服を着ました。これにレペットの赤いバレエシューズ合わせればブリジッドバルドー気分になれたのに!

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